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Soft containers (Big Bags, FIBC bags) — a popular container for packaging, storage, transportation of bulk products. Recognized as the most versatile, economical industrial packaging, Big Bag (from the English «big bag») has virtually replaced other types of disposable bags. Our company offers to buy soft containers for bulk goods of our own production.

The proposed MKR bags are single-use soft containers of various designs and carrying capacities, made of durable polypropylene (PP) fabric with a UV stabilizer. Polypropylene protects the cargo from the harmful effects of environmental factors (dirt, moisture, sunlight), while maintaining its properties in a wide temperature range (from -60 ° C to + 60 ° C).

Possible modifications

The variety of designs of our polypropylene bags (Big Bag) is determined by a number of characteristics:

Name of indicatorTypes of bags
Load-bearing fabricwith different density of polypropylene, the number of layers of fabric
  • bottom size
60х60; 62,5х62,5; 72,5х72,5; 75х75; 80х80; 90х90; 95х95; 100х100 cm
  • flat width
120 — 200 cm
  • loading height
60 — 250 cm
  • diameter of loaded container shell
77 — 128 cm
  • capacity volume
0,3 — 3 m3
Carrying capacity500 kg, 1 ton +
Bottom viewset-in rectangle, star, sunroof
Top performanceopen, valve, manhole cover
The presence and quantity of various structural elements: 
  • slings
1, 2, 4
  • webbing
2 or 4
  • PE liner
U-shaped, with neck, heat-resistant, suitable for food
  • PE case
with additional damage protection
  • color indication
with cuffs of various shades, applying the logo of the supplier company, information about the product or the packer

How much does big bag cost?

The cost is affected by the individual characteristics of the order:

The choice of material (thickness, the presence of lamination, printing). The more dense, protected and time-consuming canvas selected, the higher its cost.
Individual characteristics of products (size, design, number of lines of big run, the presence of additional elements). Structurally complex products of large sizes will cost more than simple small-sized ones.
The size of the ordered party. For wholesale deliveries a system of discounts.

Production Features

Unlike many suppliers of goods made of polymeric materials, the company «Silhouette» sells wholesale containers of big bags of its own production. We have the production base and equipment necessary for the full cycle of manufacturing MKR: from the melting of polymer raw materials to packaging of finished products, we control the quality of work at each stage. Our company monitors and implements innovative technologies, has no restrictions for the production of large volumes, quickly copes with even large bulk orders.

We are very responsible for the organization of the production process, we monitor the observance of technologies, we do not allow products to hit the floor, we carry out regranulation of the generated waste. Keeping track of the latest in industrial packaging, we are developing new types and improving the proposed models of big bags. To make it convenient for partners in all regions of Russia and the CIS countries to purchase our products, we optimize the delivery logistics.

Application area

Slings, bands (straps) or special containers (frame, for bitumen) are purchased from our company for the storage and transportation of a wide variety of products:

some liquids.

FIBC bags with slings or straps are used in many industries:

Area of application

Construction Sand, gravel, cement, marble chips, other bulk building materials and mixtures

Chemical industry Raw materials, minerals, reagents

Agriculture Seeds, grain, fertilizers

Food industry Salt, sugar, soda, other bulk food additives

Mining industry, metal processing Ore, metallized pellets, semi-finished rolled products, processing waste

Why do big run buy from us?

Cooperation with the best suppliers of raw materials, continuous modernization of the technological equipment park allow us to sell competitive high quality products at prices that are among the lowest in the packaging market. Working with consumers without intermediaries, we offer honest pricing. Among the benefits of cooperation with a manufacturer, Silhouette company customers note the possibility of selecting the right packaging for a specific type of product, taking into account the method of loading it. You can choose from us standard containers of different capacities, which are always in stock, or order individual tailoring.