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Orion Alliance is a specialized trading company that supplies components for the development and implementation of projects for the automation of production processes, a wide range of machines and parts for CNC machines. Our goal is a satisfied client.

Technological process automation:

Our specialists will help to select equipment for various automated systems taking into account the production potential of the client’s facilities. Our main clients are engineers and technologists who introduce new automation tools, combining them with existing equipment, or who create technological lines «from scratch».

Orion Alliance guarantees and benefits:

Our company works with manufacturers directly or through authorized dealers, therefore it guarantees high quality components, 100% authenticity, competitive prices and a full package of documents required by law. In addition, there are special price offers! Well-developed logistics and cooperation with the largest couriers allow thousands of our clients worldwide to receive their orders in the shortest possible time.

Fair prices, customization and constant communication with the engineers of enterprises working with the equipment that we supply, allow clients to create highly efficient production, to manufacture quality products that meet the requirements of international standards. By contacting us, you will receive not only quality products, but also quality service.