We pride ourselves on our wide range of brands and products.

Elegance, sophistication and unique style take a special place in the world. Orion Alliance Company provides the widest range of clothes and accessories from the global brands for your business.

Women’s clothing conquers ladies by variety of models, their uniqueness, extraordinary femininity. Blouses, women’s suits, dresses, skirts of various cut — elegant, stylish, will complement your clients’ wardrobe.

Fashionable women’s accessories: scarves, shawls, wallets, bags, jewelry made by the world’s best jewelers will complement the catalog of your store.

The collections selected by Orion Alliance employees represent a real classic style, casual, sport, glamour, boho, ethno, grunge, and many others…

Menswear from global brands offered by Orion Alliance favorably distinguishes the gentleman in any society, the guests of your store will admire the variety of styles and collections. It can be men’s suits, sports suits, shorts, T-shirts, any element made of wool, velvet, silk, guipure for every taste that only we can offer.


  • Expertise and innovation

  • High quality and a wide range of products

  • Reliability and beauty

  • Compliance with trends and introduction of our own ones

Men’s accessories will add to the assortment of your store: caps, cufflinks, watches, bow tie, cummerbund, silk, cambric handkerchief and much more…

Clothes and accessories will help your customers to love themselves both outside and inside giving them confidence and comfort in any situation.

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We work with brand owners to increase market share within established and new territories, giving direct sales and creative marketing support based on thorough and robust analysis.

Our procurement and logistics processes are well honed. We run lean operations to pass the keenest prices back to you.

We identify best-fit products for particular niches and increase your brand’s market share with direct sales and marketing.

Orion Alliance provides accurate and intelligent information about each product thanks to a team of experts who regularly undergo training directly from brands.

Our main goal is to provide the customer with high-quality goods that will not only complement the wardrobe of the guests of your store, but may also change their lifestyle.

Orion Alliance is constantly expanding the range of products for your business through continuous monitoring of innovations aimed at developing modern and high-quality clothing made of top-quality materials.